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Marketing and Promotional Videos

When you are planning your marketing mix, everything rides on getting it right.  

Our Marketing and Promotional Videos do more than just communicate.  They start conversations.

Start the conversation with your clients - now.  

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Training and Instructional Videos

Our Client-Centered approach to your Instructional Videos puts you at the center of every video production.  Your product.  Your presentation.  Your clients.

But the approach matters.

Our unique storytelling abilities enable us to craft not just an instructional video - but an instructional video that makes you look great.

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Website and Communication Videos

Studies assert that you must grab your site visitor's attention within 10 seconds - or they leave.

But how?

Content-rich video builds trust.  Good Website videos feel more personal to your client than reading simple text.  Our Website and Corporate Communcation Videos communicate your your story - in stunning High-Definition.

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At Molly Media Studios, we strive to exceed your expectations with our Corporate Marketing, Training and Website Videos.  

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Corporate Video Productions from Molly Media Studios will excite your senses - whether its your Marketing, Training or Website Video.  

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At Molly Media Studios, we strive to excel at everything we do.  

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We Do Corporate Videos

Molly Media Studios is a Corporate Video Production company. We are located in Sault Ste. Marie, serving Corporate clients all over Northern Ontario.  We specialize in communicating your story to your audience in memorable ways.  

Our Creative Team will incorporate your already established branding and marketing efforts to seamlessly integrate your Corporate Video into your existing Marketing Mix.  

We put you at the centre of every Production, so that your Training and Instructional Videos will present you in the best possible light.

Contact us to find out more.

Our Client Centred Approach

Our Corporate Videos, designed with the Corporate Client in mind, begin and end with you.  Your vision. Your ideas.  Your message.  Your story.  

At Molly Media Studios, we work with you to craft your Corporate Video to YOUR needs - not ours.

Contact us to find out more.

Communicating: Getting It Right

Our in-house designed Needs Analysis Worksheet is structured to tease out your creativity.  

Whether you have only a vague feeling about what you'd like your video to look like, or you have spent hours and hours in your mind working out the details - the Creative Team at Molly Media Studios work with you to tease out and communicate your vision.

Our Needs Analysis Worksheet will help you communicate your story - effectively, creatively, persuasively - so that we can work together in the best possible ways.

Contact us to find out more.

If You Cannot View Our Video Player...

If, for whatever reason, you cannot view the videos on our site, below are YouTube copies of much of the work featured on our site.

The Boreal Forest - part I (English Version)

Client:  Ministry of Natural Resources

The Boreal Forest - part II (French Version)

Client:  Ministry of Natural Resources

Best Start Hubs

Client:  Fuzednotions Creative Design Studio

Don't Waste Talent

Client:  Yes You Can Employment Consulting

Adventure Park Website Video

Client:  Treetop Adventures

Create Your Own Career

Client:  Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre


Client:  City of Sault Ste Marie

BioSciences Centre

Client:  Algoma University Foundation

Fine Arts and Music Education Centre

Client:  Algoma University Foundation

About the Sault

Client:  City of Sault Ste Marie

Recreation and Leisure

Client:  City of Sault Ste Marie

End-of-Life Hospice Communications Video

Algoma Residential Community Hospice (ARCH)

Protolaunch 2012 Competition

Client:  Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre

Same Shoes Marketing Video

Client:  Northern Credit Union

Culture and Diversity

Client:  City of Sault Ste Marie

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